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Inoko concrete vessels are both urban and edgy. With their minimalistic style, these pieces are classic and will suit any environment. This gift set comes with one large concrete candle vessel and two large candle refills of your choosing.

INCLUDES:  1 x Concrete Large Candle Vessel

                      2 x Large Soy Candle Refills    410g each

Ships Within :

1-3 Business Days

Shipping & Prices :

Price for Standard Shipping $9.95

Price for Express Delivery $12.95

Shipping Regions


Returns :

Within 30 Days.

Free shipping within Australia when you spend over $100.00 at Inoko Store. Please note this does not apply to international delivery.

Width 23.2 CM

Height 12.6 CM

Length 23.7 CM

Weight 2.75 Kg

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