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Included in this set are X4 gold bent straws, X4 sunset color straight straws and X2 straw cleaners. All sets come in our fun and colorful gift box, to complete a truly wonderful purchasing experience. Our reusable high quality stainless steel pack is ideal to use at home or to be purchased as a gift. This multi purpose pack was uniquely designed to make sure you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks such as smoothies, juices or cocktails and are ideal to use in everyday glasses or tumblers.

Say no to one time use plastic straws and start using a long term eco friendly solution in the form of premium Verre Esprit stainless steel straws.

GUARANTEE, we’re sure you’ll love this set but for whatever if you need to return this item we are happy to offer a full refund or replacement.

Ships Within :

1-3 Business Days

Shipping & Prices :

Price for Standard Shipping $5.00

Price for International Shipping $10.00

Shipping Regions

Africa,Asia,Europe,North America,South America,Apac

Returns :

Within 30 Days.

Width 0.7 CM

Height 0.7 CM

Length 20.5 CM

Weight 0.1 Kg

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